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Hello! Thanks for dropping by! My name is Alexander Catedral, but you can call me Alex. I'm a photographer, cinematographer, and hip-hop artist based out of Phoenix, AZ. I've been exploring, expressing, and sharing my art for over 12 years through different mediums, but it's been 8 years since I've been in business! In the span of 8 years, I've done everything from senior photos, engagements, weddings, small business and fortune 500 commercials, seminary, product photography, food, fashion, real estate, documentaries, and even a campaign for a presidential candidate. If there was anything I learned through this process it's that behind each business or individual, there is a powerful story and even beyond that, a phenomenal human being! I look forward to meeting you and sharing your greatness with others!


 P.S.  I just recently got married on 6.20.20, and I am excited to start this next journey with my wife! To find out more of what we're doing go below and find us at catedralsilly. 


About us

All I want to do is live in the silly with you.

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